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Swiftwater Rescue Training

Day 2 - Saturday Oct 11,1997 - North Fork Skykomish River, Index, WA

Group Discussion on Throw Bag Basics

Shallow River Crossings I

Shallow River Crossings II

Swiftwater dynamics


Mechanical advantage rope systems & Knots Review

Afternoon First Aid Review

Day 3 - Sunday Oct 12,1997 - North Fork Skykomish River, Index, WA

Simulated Strainer I

Simulated Strainer II

'Hole' Swimming

Throw Bag Practice

Using a tether line

Setting up the High Line

High Line Complete

Whistle commands from raft to shore to manuever raft

Combat Swimming

Lots of smiles after the Final Exam!

Special Session held for Boeing Employees' Whitewater & Touring Club (BEWET)
Day 1 - Classroom Instruction at Boeing Oxbow Recreation Center
Instructors: Casey Garland (Rescue 3 NW) & Mike Sodi (Rescue 3 Int'l)

All Photos courtesy of Andy Calvery (BEWET) Thanks Andy!

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