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Hello Everyone! If you're here looking for river rafting trips with Casey Garland and Downstream River Runners I retired in 2013! I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many thousands of you who've supported me as an outfitter and guide. I'm grateful for a life time of memories! If you'd like to stay in touch, I can be reached here, also on Facebook and Linkedin.

Western Washington Rivers
Sauk, Skagit, Suiattle, Skykomish and Green Gorge

Sauk River Description

Sauk River 11-Aug-12

Skagit River Description or Bald Eagle Float

Skagit 30-Jun-07

Suiattle River Description or Upper&Lower Overnighter

Lower Suiattle River 1-Aug-03
Lower Suiattle River 27-Jul-03
Lower Suiattle River 26-Jul-03

Skykomish River Description

Lower Skykomish River 5-Jul-07
Lower Skykomish River 4-Jul-07

Green River Description

Green River Gorge 30-May-10

Eastern Washington and Oregon Rivers
Tieton, Wenatchee, Klickitat, Grande Ronde (OR), and Owyhee (OR)

Tieton River Description

Tieton River 30-Sep-06
Tieton River 16-Sep-06
Tieton River 10-Sep-06

Wenatchee River Description

Wenatchee River 10-Apr-02

Klickitat River Description

Klickitat River 7-Jun-01

Owyhee River Description (5 days)

Owyhee River 1-5-May-02

Grande Ronde River Description (3 days)

Grande Ronde River 2-4-Jul-09

Last Update 1-Jan-15

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