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Hello Everyone! If you're here looking for river rafting trips with Casey Garland and Downstream River Runners I retired in 2013! I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many thousands of you who've supported me as an outfitter and guide. I'm grateful for a life time of memories! If you'd like to stay in touch, I can be reached here, also on Facebook and Linkedin.

INTERMEDIATE --- Previous experience not required but recommended during peak run-off. Swimming ability is required.
River River Difficulty Nearest City/Town Season* Varies with Snow Pack  Minimum Age** RIVER DESCRIPTIONS
upper level intermediate

Current USGS River Flow
III-IV- Darrington April-Aug.* 16 Densely forested river banks contain this steep and galloping river. Lots of maneuvering through complex rapids provides a challenging team experience. Rain forest scenery.
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SUIATTLE II+-III+ Darrington July-Aug.* 14 Continuous intermediate rapids and milky glacial waters carve braided channels through its heavily forested banks. A 'young' glacier fed river that changes significantly each year.
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Try the Upper/Lower Suiattle Overnighter!

upper level intermediate

Current USGS River Flow
III-IV Goldendale May-June* 16 Our favorite 'special place'. Wildflowers and ferns cling to 1000 ft. columnar basalt walls. Continous like the Tieton, but in a remote pine forested canyon like the Grande Ronde.
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**Recommended minimum age can drop slightly if youth has previous paddle boat experience and/or the river levels are running lower than medium levels. See full description of river.

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