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- WRRR - North Fork Skykomish River, Index, WA - Aug. 7, 2004

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We hope you enjoyed your training. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.
Better yet, come back later to take the full SRT session!

Webbing Anchor Practice

Entering Llama Ledges

Father and son, Chris and Matt

WRRR crew preps to swim

Zip Line Rider

Zip line crew far shore

John on zip line bringing oar

Ready to ride zip line

Line Abreast Crossing

More Line Abreast Crossing

Paul and John

Almost across

Group crossing makes the eddy

Group Shallow Water Crossing

Wedge crossing with litter and victim

First contact with the current

A very deep Shallow Water Crossing

Almost out of the current

Perseverance pays off

Yeah! We Made it!!

Dr. Whitewater

Special Session held for Washington Recreational River Runners (WRRR)
Day 1 - Classroom Instruction at Round Table Pizza
Instructor: Casey Garland (Rescue 3 NW)

All Photos courtesy of Brian Vogt (WRRR) Thanks Brian!

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