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on the Sauk River 25-Aug-2002

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We hope you both enjoyed your training and learned a lot. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Watcom Co. Fire and S.A.R. crew

Mark - Floatin down the river on a Sunday afternoon

Don scouting for Fish

Anna stays cool

Grace fully floating

John in perfect posture

Fred sends Laurie ahead as probe unit - Ladies first!

Brian about to get foamed


Brian "Walkin the Log"

Ryan up and over




De crew ready for boat handling exercise


Fred pulls Anna on board

Ha Ha, can't get me out of this boat!

Wanna bet?



Perparing to tension the diagonal line

John and Bucky raft on tensioned diagonal

Perfect landing in eddy

Grace - Happy birthday smile

Don desperately searching for new fishing hole

Mark on line

Grace and John


Fred and Laurie

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